Committee and Council Chairs

Minor Committee

OHF Director: Jeff Turner

The Council's responsibilities include: approve International minor tours involving foreign teams in the OHF and the OHF teams outside Canada; approve changes to playing rules and regulations for minor hockey deemed to be beneficial to these particular divisions of hockey; approve changes to the regulations and/or policies of the OHF deemed to be beneficial for minor hockey divisions; and, continually monitor the needs of minor hockey in the OHF and work in conjunction with the other Councils/Committees of the OHF/Hockey Canada to develop, evaluate and implement any projects or programs.

Junior Committee

OHF Director: Geoff Shaw

The Council's responsibilities include: establish dates, regulations etc. for Branch Playdowns to determine Branch Champions in applicable categories; approve International tours, tournaments and other events involving foreign teams in Canada and OHF teams outside Canada; approve changes to the Rules and Regulations for Junior Hockey as may be deemed beneficial to these particular divisions of hockey in cooperation with the OHF Rules Committee; continually monitor the needs of Junior Hockey in the OHF; and, establish development programs and promotional ventures deemed to be beneficial to Junior Hockey.

Minor- Junior Committee

OHF Director: John Jamieson

Governance Nomination Committee

Chair: John Nevillie

Ad Hoc Constitution Committee

OHF Director: Kevin Burkett

The Committee shall edit the Letters Patent, By-Laws, Rules and Regulations of the Federation before they are published for distribution to members and may recommend such changes to the Letters Patent, By-Laws, Rules and Regulations of the Federation as it deems advisable and in the best interests of the sport of amateur hockey within the jurisdiction of the Federation.

Competitions Committee

Chair: Rob Mazzuca

LOR Review Committee

OHF Director: John Kastner

Risk Management Committee

OHF Director: Harry Blinkhorn

The Committee shall be responsible for the evaluation, development and implementation of all insurance and risk management related activities in the Federation and work in cooperation with the appropriate Committees and Councils of the OHF.

Registration Committee

Chair: Alf Johnston

The Registration Committee shall consist of a Chair, being an Officer appointed by the President, and four (4) other members, appointed from time to time by the President as follows: each OHF Member shall propose the names of two (2) of its Directors or Alternate Directors who will be eligible to sit on the Registration Committee from time to time. From those names the President shall select the other four (4) members of the Committee for each case or hearing. Among those four (4) members shall be one from each OHF Member whose registration and/or eligibility issues are to be resolved.

The Committee shall be the mechanism that shall deal specifically with all matters of Registration or Eligibility involving two or more Members of the Federation.

Officiating Development Committee

OHF Referee in Chief: Rick Morphew

Scholarship Committee

OHF Director: Hugh Riddle