Notice to members Re: JCHL

Notice to members Re: JCHL

Date: Jun, 05, 2017 12:00 PM EDT

CAMBRIDGE, ON – The Ontario Hockey Federation (OHF) has recently become aware that there is a junior hockey league proposing to form in Southwestern Ontario. The proposed league is referring to itself as the Junior Canadian Hockey League (JCHL).

The OHF, along with the Ontario Hockey Association (OHA), wishes to notify its Members, other junior leagues, as well as parents and players, that the JCHL is in no way affiliated with the OHF or OHA, nor is it sanctioned by Hockey Canada.

Please be aware that participation in this league by organizations or players would constitute non-sanctioned activity for the purposes of Hockey Canada’s Non-Sanctioned Leagues Policy (HC Policy A1528), and would trigger the consequences described in that Policy, along with the loss of all benefits associated with being a Registered Participant of Hockey Canada, including coverage under Hockey Canada’s Insurance policies.

If there are any questions regarding the JCHL, please contact OHA President, Karen Phibbs, at 519-622-2402, or OHF Executive Director, Phillip McKee, at 226-533-9075.