Date: Mar, 07, 2018 04:36 AM EDT

CAMBRIDGE, ON – The Ontario Hockey Federation (OHF) is pleased to announce a change to its governing structure introducing a nine-person, Member-elected Board of Directors. The changes come after a year of evaluation and development of the new model and an internal review conducted with the Members.

“I am so proud of the work completed by our Governance Committee to create the recommendations for a change which were approved over the weekend,” OHF President, Tony Foresi said.

As a result of the changes, which puts the OHF Governance in line with the Hockey Canada model, the Ontario Not-for-Profit Act, and Sports Recognition Policy; the role of President will be replaced by Chairman of the Board and the other OHF Officer positions (First Vice President, Second Vice President and Secretary-Treasurer) will be eliminated. The Chairman will serve as one of the nine Directors for a term of two years.

The inaugural elections for the newly updated OHF Board of Directors will take place at the OHF Annual General Meeting at the end of June. Directors will serve a four-year team and be voted in by the OHF Members.

The updates will bring about changes to the OHF By-Laws and Regulations, which will be made available to the public by the end of March. This will include information regarding the nomination process for anyone interested in running for the position of Director.

The OHF has been in existence since 1989 and is comprised of seven Members: the Minor Hockey Alliance of Ontario (Alliance), the Greater Toronto Hockey League (GTHL), Northern Ontario Hockey Association (NOHA), Ontario Hockey Association (OHA), the Ontario Hockey League (OHL), Ontario Minor Hockey Association (OMHA) and the Ontario Women’s Hockey Association (OWHA.)

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