Chevrolet Good Deeds Cup, Good Deeds Cup Team Kits Back Again

Chevrolet Good Deeds Cup, Good Deeds Cup Team Kits Back Again

Date: Oct, 03, 2018 04:16 AM EDT

The Chevrolet Good Deeds Cup is back once again for another season. Set to inspire young Canadians to be better people by promoting the positive values learned through hockey and acting on them by performing Good Deeds in their community. The partnership aimed at Peewee Hockey teams across the country has brought forward hundreds of Good Deeds over its three year history.

The Good Deeds Cup Champions will receive a feature profiling the team on a nationally broadcast hockey game, a winners ceremony in the team’s home town with our hockey ambassadors and the Good Deeds Cup, a monetary donation from Chevrolet on behalf of the winning team to the charity of their choice, a Good Deeds Cup Championship banner to hang in the team’s home arena and the team’s name engraved on the Good Deeds Cup.

Top ten finalists will be determined by Hockey Canada, Chevrolet, Chevrolet Hockey Ambassadors Caroline Ouellette and Mitch Marner, with Canadiens given the chance the vote for the top three finalists. The winner will be selected by a panel from Hockey Canada and Chevrolet.

All coaches of registered Peewee Hockey teams in Canada are eligible to compete for the Good Deeds Cup. You’ll receive your free Good Deeds Cup Team Kit with everything you need to help your team perform on and off the ice.

Coaches Kit Sign Up:

If you’re a Hockey Canada registered Peewee coach and you’ve signed up your team to compete in the Good Deeds Cup, this is the kit you’ll be receiving. Completely free. Every kit is a premium coach’s hockey bag that comes with 10 practice pucks, 24 lace bracelets, 20 emblem stickers and 20 vehicle decals. These tools are provided to develop your players on the ice, and create awareness of their participation off the ice, all the while reaffirming important values learned through hockey. Every time you have a game or practice, they’ll be reminded of what it takes to perform on and off the ice.

Visit an animal shelter
Spend time as a team at a retirement home
Raise money for charity collecting bottles and cans
Visit sick kids at a hospital
Volunteer at a food bank
Shovel neighbourhood driveways
Come up with your own Good Deed!