Hockey Canada Foundation Legacy to Aid Hockey Initiatives in London Area

Hockey Canada Foundation Legacy to Aid Hockey Initiatives in London Area

Date: Dec, 12, 2018 11:28 AM EDT

LONDON, Ont. - The London community has been awarded $400,000 from the 2018 Hockey Canada Foundation Gala & Golf legacy fund for hosting the marquee event last June.

The Golf & Gala event netted over $790,000, with sponsors and donations made to support the growth of hockey. Of the net proceeds, the $400,000 legacy will be used to assist Hockey Canada programs that provide children of all backgrounds and circumstances the opportunity to experience hockey in and around London. Specifically, the fund will help to aid families demonstrating need whose children’s passion for the game was fueled through the Canadian Tire First Shift and Try Hockey programs so they can pursue the game with their local minor hockey association.

“We are thrilled that the funds are staying in the local area,” said co-chair of the event, Wayne Dunn. “From a London perspective being able to help families and kids is what it’s all about, and then to have hockey as a Canadian game and marry that with the event - it was just a perfect scenario.”

“It’s a lot more than just hockey, it just teaches so many life skills for kids and to be able to help out to this extent it is just incredible - it’s going to make a big impact.”

The Gala & Golf is one of Hockey Canada’s marquee events, acting as their single largest annual fundraiser for the continual growth of hockey from coast to coast to coast. Since 2004, the Foundation has raised over $4 million through Gala & Golf events alone.

“We are thrilled to be able to leave behind a $400,000 legacy to ensure children and their families can pursue their passion for hockey in London and surrounding communities,” said Donna Iampieri, Executive Director of the Hockey Canada Foundation. “London has proven to be a fantastic host city with tremendous volunteer and community support, and we can’t thank Jeff (Macoun), Wayne, Gord (MacKenzie) and the rest of the legacy committee enough for their efforts in ensuring the 2018 edition of the Gala & Golf event was our most successful to date.”

Echoing notes of Iampieri, Dunn credits the prosperous fundraiser to the extraordinary steering committee who worked tirelessly to deliver the event.

“Thanks to our volunteers, thanks to Hockey Canada, thanks to the people that attended and the sponsorships were really incredible - we had a fabulous event,” said Dunn. “It was a lot of fun and it was very worthwhile to see what it is going to do not only locally, but across the country.”

As Dunn explains, half of the net proceeds stays in the London area, while the remainder goes to communities across the country that aren’t able to host an event such as this.

“We really like that because it is sharing the wealth of all of our corporate sponsors and people that attended with Canadians across the country and those less fortunate, no matter where they are they can benefit from this program,” he said.

Over the years, the Hockey Canada Foundation Gala and Golf has left a lengthy funding legacy from coast to coast to coast, spearheading initiatives to allow the game to continue to grow and prosper. A full list of legacy initiatives can be found here.