World Girls Hockey Weekend 2018 to take place October 5th-7th

World Girls Hockey Weekend 2018 to take place October 5th-7th

Date: Aug, 16, 2018 11:10 AM EDT

Help Celebrate World Girls' Hockey Weekend
When: October 5-7, 2018

In October 2018 the International Ice Hockey Federation and Hockey Canada will team up to host the eighth annual World Girls’ Hockey Weekend. This event aims to celebrate and grow the Female Game from coast to coast and unite Canadians through grassroots programming that is led by local communities, MHAs and families.

The variety of events are endless for groups or individuals to get involved. From girls and women trying out the sport for the first time to just a simple celebration of the game, Canadians from coast to coast are encouraged to take part and register their event with Hockey Canada. Women’s hockey is the fastest growing game in Canada, let’s keep the momentum going and utilize this opportunity to educate and motivate our players, coaches, volunteers and supporters.

Dozens of countries across the globe will also be participating in the weekend as each puts their celebration efforts on display. As the world leader in the sport, World Girls Hockey Weekend is our chance to put our stamp on the female game and show the rest of the world what Canadians are capable of. This October 5-7, let’s have a cross-Canada celebration heard around the world!


Now that you’re excited to be part of the celebration, don’t let your event go unnoticed! No matter how big (ie. full tournament) or small (ie. road hockey game), register your event with us, it only takes a couple of minutes and we will add it to the list of events happening across Canada that is submitted to the IIHF and shown on our website!

For suggestions on types of events you can host or be a part of, CLICK HERE.

To add your event to the Canadian celebration CLICK HERE


Events will be hosted from coast to coast in big cities to small communities. Stay tuned here to find an event near you and how to get in touch and participate!

You can also contact your Member Branch or your local hockey association to learn what they have going on for the weekend. In Ontario please contact the OWHA for information.


Signature World Girls Hockey Weekend Gift

a. This year’s gift is a WGHW Buff! If you are unfamiliar with the Buff, think of the bandana style headwear they have on the show Survivor. It’s a multi-purpose wrap that can be work in 15 different ways for all Canadians. But of course, its looks great! Everyone from kids to adults are sure to love them. When you register your celebration event, each of your participants will receive a free WGHW Buff!

b. Last year we ran out of the WGHW Gift so please remember to register early to ensure you get on the shipping list

Female Skills Surge Event

a. Hockey Canada is introducing a new Signature Event for the World Girls Hockey Weekend: The Female Skills Surge

b. This will be a 3-day, cross Canada skills event that any team, group or association can take part in at any time during the weekend! Anyone running a practice that weekend or looking to host a development ice time are encouraged to join. The age-appropriate practice plans are already created and will be sent to the host/coach through the Hockey Canada Network App (available to download free on apple and android)

c. All players and coaches who register a Skills Surge Session will receive the WGHW Buff as well


For our celebration to be heard around the world, let’s spread the word on social media!

Share you story and your pictures:

Twitter: @HC_Women

Facebook: /hockeycanada

Instagram: @hockeycanada

To join the conversation, use and follow the hashtags: #SkillsSurge and #WGIHW.

For more information, please contact:
Mandi Duhamel
Manager, Female Development