The OHF is calling for nominations for the 2021 OHF Awards

The OHF is calling for nominations for the 2021 OHF Awards

Date: Oct, 05, 2021 12:00 PM EDT

The Ontario Hockey Federation (OHF) Awards Program was introduced during the 2001-2002 season to formally recognize the efforts and achievements of volunteers and administrators who dedicate countless hours to put the interests of our game ahead of their own. 

The awards listed below are presented when appropriate or have been discontinued. The awards listed on the right side continue to be presented on an annual basis.

The OHF encourages each Member to submit nominations.

The Ontario Hockey Federation is requesting nominations for the following annual awards: 

Bill Richmond Memorial Award:  In 1996,  the  OHF  established  the  Bill  Richmond  Memorial  Award  to recognize outstanding achievement and involvement in the area of hockey development within the OHF. For over 20 years, Mr. Richmond was a leader in the development and delivery of the National Coaches Certification Program (NCCP).  He passed away suddenly in  1995,  but  left  a  legacy  of  hard  work  and commitment to the development of the game in our Branch. Download the submission form here

Dr.   Allan   Morris   Award:   The   Dr.   Allan   Morris   Award   is   presented   to   recognize   the   outstanding achievement of an individual who has exemplified dedication to amateur hockey and the mission of the Branch.   Previously known as the Past Presidents’ Honour Award, it was renamed in 2009 in honour of Dr. Allan Morris, who served as Branch President from 1997-2001 and as Hockey Canada’s Chairman of the Board from 2007 until his passing. Dr. Morris had a profound impact on the game not only within the OHF but throughout the country. Download the submission form here

Officiating Program Award: This award recognizes individuals actively involved in the officiating program for their contribution to the  game,  for  their  officiating  skills  and  for  what  they  put  back  into  amateur hockey within the Branch. Download the submission form here

Order of Merit Award: This award honours those individuals who have served amateur hockey for many years. The recipients have participated as a player, as a coach and an association member and have made significant contributions to amateur hockey within the OHF. Download the submission form here

Staff Award:  Established in  2009,  the  Staff  Award honours  a  staff  person  that  best  exemplifies  the commitment to the values and objectives of the OHF and its Members, exhibits pride and respect for the organizations of the OHF and its participants, demonstrates team spirit both in the office and in one’s life and shows commitment and dedication for the betterment of the game of hockey within the Branch to the level they have the ability. Download the submission form here

Volunteer of the Year Award: This award recognizes outstanding commitment and significant contribution to the game, the Branch, and the hockey community within the OHF. The recipient must be active in hockey during the year of the award presentation. Download the submission form here