Try Hockey

Try Hockey is a program that aims to introduce the game of hockey to as many children as possible who have been previously unable to play the sport due to a variety of reasons such as financial hardship or cultural background. Try Hockey encourages all participants to be active, improve their physical literacy, and most importantly, have FUN!

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What is Try Hockey?

The Try Hockey program is geared towards students in Grades 2-5 and has two main components; the in-school program and on-ice event. First, an in-school introduction to the sport of hockey is provided through the game of Floorball in the school gymnasium. Hockey Canada staff work with both students and teachers to teach the game in a fun and informative way while learning the basics of the sport. This is then followed by a Try Hockey On-Ice Event where participants are invited to come try hockey on the ice at a local arena. For many, this will be their first experience stepping on to the ice which creates a lasting memorable experience for all involved!

Objectives of Try Hockey

  • Provide a comprehensive introduction to the sport of hockey by teaching the fundamental skills of passing, stick handling, and shooting.
  • Creates an opportunity for participants to develop new skills and abilities that encourages a healthy and active lifestyle.
  • Key focus areas include physical literacy, safety, respect, teamwork, and fair play.
  • Provide a memorable first hockey experience that will last a lifetime.
  • Forge partnerships with local communities and minor hockey associations to provide future opportunities for Try Hockey participants to continue playing the game.
  • Promote the FUN of the game!

Try Hockey's Core Values

Try Hockey maintains five core values that are important to us not only as hockey players, but also as students in our classrooms and people in our communities. These values are consistently demonstrated and instilled in all who experience the Try Hockey program!

  • Friendship – We believe the best friend you can have is made on the ice.
  • Teamwork – We put the needs of our teammates ahead of our own.
  • Leadership – We take the initiative and lead by example.
  • Work Ethic – We put forth our best effort in everything we do.
  • Acceptance – We welcome anyone and everyone into the hockey family.

To learn more about the Try Hockey program, please read our informational booklet HERE!

Try Hockey Day : In School

  • Participants take part in a 40-50 minute session led by Hockey Canada instructors as part of Try Hockey Day at your school.
  • Small groups are created to teach and practice the basics of stickhandling, passing, and shooting.
  • Newly learned skills are then applied in a fun and exciting relay race.
  • The positive attributes that hockey can teach and the importance of giving a championship effort are reinforced throughout all programming.
  • Best of all, it's completely free!

Try Hockey Day : On Ice

  • All participants of the in-school program are invited to bring their family to a local arena to Try Hockey, this time on the ice!
  • Participants are loaned Bauer skates, helmet, gloves, stick, and neck guard to use on the ice should they not have their own equipment.
  • The focus is on fundamental skill development that is tailored to the participant's previous hockey and skating experience.
  • This is a positive and encouraging environment for both participants and their families to learn about hockey, connect with the local minor hockey association, and find out more about how they can get involved with the sport - all in a fun and safe space!