Complaint Process

In a system of thousands of participants, we know there will be occasions when people behave in a manner inconsistent with the rules, regulations and policies. We understand that people are passionate, excited and devoted to their participation in hockey. We know that sometimes parents and coaches will disagree about what is best for the team and individual players. We know that sometimes people will disagree with the way hockey programs operate. We know that sometimes people will do things that don't meet the standards of our Code of Conduct.

We have a process in place to hear your complaints. Please keep in mind that we can only respond to complaints that are within our jurisdiction and the scope of our constitution. There are some areas that we cannot respond to but we will try to help you to understand why.

Our complaint intake form will allow you to specify the behaviour and document your situation in a concise format. This form will be reviewed and directed to the appropriate OHF Member Partner for follow up. We cannot guarantee confidentiality but will work to protect the interests of all parties involved.


Download OHF Complaint Intake Form OHF Complaint Intake Form