The Ontario Hockey Federation (OHF) carries out coaching clinics and programs though it’s Member Partners. For complete and accurate information on which certification is required to be a team official – i.e. coach, manager, trainer – please visit the appropriate organization’s website and/or contact the appropriate person within that organization.  For Member Partner contact info, please click here.

For a list of all clinics available within our Branch, please click here.

If you are unsure of who to contact, please email Jeff Stewart.

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Hockey Canada High Performance 1 Policy Statement

All Head Coaches coaching Bantam, Midget, Junior 'A' teams that compete in Interprovincial or National Championships or the highest level as determined by the Branch, must be High Performace 1 'Certified'. It is recommended that all Assistant Coaches be at minimum Development 1 'Trained'. This would take effect starting in the 2015/16 season, 2016/17 for Junior 'A' coaches.

How does that affect OHF Membership?

All Head Coaches coaching Male Bantam 'AAA' (Minor and Major), Female Bantam 'AA', Male Midget 'AAA' (Minor or Major) , Female Midget 'AA' and Junior 'A' must be High Performance-1 'Certified' according to the Hockey Canada policy during the 2015/16 season, 2016/17 season for Junior 'A'. It is recommended that all Assistant Coaches be a minimum Development 1 'Trained'.

Based on this policy, the OHF ran five (5) clinics in the summer of 2014, three (3) in the summer of 2015 and will have two (2) clinics available this summer.

The OHF HP1 Policy was created to answers several different scenarios that include:

    1. What happen if an HP1 Coach Relocates, Resigns or is Removed
    2. The Definition of Trained Coaches
    3. Teams not in Compliance for Start of Season.

      2016 HP1 Clinics

      After completing eight (8) HP1 clinics over the past calendar year, the OHF will be hosting two (2) during the summer of 2016.  Both clinics will be done over a 4 day stretch.

      June 9th - 12th, 2016 Toronto - Humber College
      July 7th - 10th, 2016 Barrie - Georgian College

      Online application is found below

      High Performance 1 Background

      The High Performance 1 Coaching Program is an enriched development experience for coaches, which features in-class sessions, a written assignment and a field evaluation.  The in-class seminar will provide an exceptional opportunity for coaches to learn as it will feature outstanding presenters who have vast experience within high performance coaching environments.   Following the in-class portion, coaches will further their development by completing, and receiving feedback on, a written assignment with support from a mentor.  Participants will then be provided with an incredible opportunity for growth as a Hockey Canada trained evaluator will observe a practice and game and conduct interviews on the ice sessions and the coach’s overall program. 

      Throughout the process, coaches will be provided information and tasks which will challenge them with the ultimate goal of furthering key skills including critical thinking, problem solving, interacting, valuing and leadership.

      High Performance 1 Application Process

      HP1 applications can now be filled out online. Coaches will have the ability to rank in order what seminar they would like to attend. As we would like to be able to accommodate all requests, this may be difficult to do based on the number of coaches who require this certification. Please make note: Clinic acceptance will be based on the level you are currently or will be coaching the following year.

      If accepted, coaches will be notified and sent payment instructions.

      The total registration fee for all HP1 clinics is $1000.00, plus tax and includes lunches/snacks, all seminar materials, course work, written assignment evaluation, mentoring and practical field evaluation (in the OHF Area). Transportation, dinners and accommodation are the responsibility of the participant.

      To apply to attend a 2016 High Performance-1 clinic, please click here.

      For complete details on the OHF High Performance 1 Program, please click here.


      **  100 % Attendance is Mandatory **


      Coach Testimonial 

      "I was at the HP 1 seminar this summer in Milton. Finishing the assignment has given me the chance to reflect back on the course and to think about what it has meant to me. In the business of teaching and coaching we work at a breakneck pace and never really get much chance for reflection or a chance to receive genuine feedback from our clients. So I thought I would pause to thank everyone now. First, I am very grateful you accepted me into the course when I disclosed I was coaching Minor Peewee this year. I had no idea the room would be filled with junior and university coaches. Second, I am still overwhelmed at the quality of presenters you were able to put together. Whether it was James Boyd, Paul Dennis, Steve Spott, Tom Skinner or Corey McNabb, the skill of the speakers and their willingness to help us was tremendous. The wealth of information was so great that it made me decide to change. As I was driving to the course, thinking of all the work I had to do with my own team and as a full-time high school teacher and coach, I had already decided I was just going to get through the course, hand in whatever assignment was handed out and just move on. But an hour into the seminar I realized that the opportunity that was in front of me was so rich that I had to change the way I coached and I would integrate as much of this new stuff as I could. So by the time I got home after the first weekend I had already dumped my sad little year plan and put 20 hours into redesigning a new one in Don's format.
      Now, although we are only into October, I have a team binder with a year plan, seven macro cycles and one week long micro cycles and practices built to reflect all my year goals. Oh! I forgot to mention I use game sheets and for every game and I also evaluate each practice now as well. My binder is already is over 100 pages deep. People ask me why I am going to such lengths to organize my year for a team that doesn't pay me. I simply answer that this is what is expected from a high performance coach. Moreover, last week we won more games than we did all last year, and Corey would be happy, as we are still doing skills and individual tactics for 75% of our practices.

      I just wanted to say thanks for helping me to improve and I would love to take HP 2 with you guys as well. Don, I hope you like my written assessment, it 100% reflects my product on the ice this year. When you said there is no point in learning new things that you are never going to implement.....I took that message to heart."

      - Terry