OHF Scholarship: “My gratitude to hockey has only grown stronger with having this scholarship."

OHF Scholarship: “My gratitude to hockey has only grown stronger with having this scholarship."

Date: May, 13, 2022 05:00 PM EDT

Hockey has been apart of Taylor Skuta’s life since she was 7 years old.

After making the daunting transition from dance off the advice of her hockey-loving Father, Taylor came out on the other side totally in love with this new sport and spent most of her life playing it, experiencing it and making it apart of who she is.

“Since my dad played pretty high level hockey, he kind of pushed me to put my skates on the first time and pursue this new adventure,” said Skuta.

“Little did I know at the time that the ring of the puck hitting the cross bar would fuel this new passion of mine.”

Since then Skuta has played 12 competitive seasons and spent the last few of her hockey career in the coaching realm as a lead trainer.

In 2020, Skuta took a step back from hockey to pursue her post-secondary career after being accepted into Western University’s Ivy Business School with aspirations to go to later go to Law School.

With the new changes she was set to face - Taylor says winning the OHF Scholarship helped to jumpstart this process.

“Hockey has been one of the biggest, if not the biggest, aspects of my life so far. So when I found out about the OHF Scholarship, I was thrilled to find something where I could reflect on the memories and people that made my experience so great,” said Skuta.

“After you graduate high school, you don’t understand all these crazy new adult responsibilities that your faced with…winning this scholarship really helped me offset my first year costs”

Taylor continues to recognize the role that hockey has played in her life as a student, young adult and professional. This is why she wholeheartly recommends for all eligible applicants to apply for the OHF Scholarship.

“I highly encourage those who grew up around hockey to understand that hockey has brought them more than just being an extracurricular game to play in their spare time,” said Skuta.

“If hockey has been your passion for so many years, why stop now? Continue the journey in the world of hockey or in the career of your choice because the OHF is looking to help you out…my gratitude to hockey has only grown stronger with having this scholarship apart of my post secondary career.”

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